Glossary of terms

3-D laser 

3D laser is technology that digitally captures the shape of physical objects using a line of laser light. 3D laser engraving method nicely showcase a specific shape or object inside a crystal deal toy.



Consists of screen printing on a transparent film. Once embedded in Lucite, the film almost disappears and the artwork seems to be floating within the deal tombstone. It is possible to create a “frosted” effect inside the piece using this technique.


Air brush

This method uses compressed air to spray a liquid, such as paint, on the surface of the deal toy. Air brushing is used to create a uniform surface without brush marks.


Aluminum or brass plate 

This technique is used to screen print on a metal sheet that can be embedded, or placed on the outside of your deal gift. It adds a unique and refined look to any piece. Important fact: aluminum is the only metal that can be embedded in Lucite.


Digital print

Consists of embedding a white opaque paper-like material on which text or images are printed. This technique is used for printing pictures, multiple color artwork, or low quality images.


Direct print 

This method is used to print text or images directly on a flat deal toy surface. It can be done on Lucite, crystal, wood, or metal.



Embedment is the process of setting an object inside Lucite. To do so, Lucite is poured completely over the object and then baked in high-temperature pressured ovens. An embedment creates the illusion that the object is floating inside the Lucite shape.


Etching and color fill 

A laser is used to etch an area, usually text, which is then filled with color. This technique is most commonly used with crystal deal toys.


Frosted direct print 

This digital printing method is used on flat surfaces of either Lucite or crystal deal toys. The outcome is very similar to the sandblasting effect, which adds a frosted look to the piece.



A digitally printed film that can be embedded in a Lucite deal toy. This is very similar to acetate, but uses a digital printing process with 4 colors.



Sandblasting can be used to add a frosted look on the surface of a Lucite or crystal deal toy. This effect is created through propelling highly pressurized sand on hard surfaces.


Surface screening 

Surface screening is used when we need to print on a large surface of the deal toy. This technique maximizes the available surface for screening, but is not suitable for curved surfaces. It is done manually with a silk press.


Transfer print 

Digitally printed or silkscreened prints used to add details on curved surfaces. This method can be implemented to both clear and white material. This print sticks and molds to any shape.


Water jet cutting 

This technique allows for a lot of precision and is used to cut crystal, Lucite, stone, and metal. Instead of a blade, materials are cut by a water and sand jet. The result is a custom shape with precise cut out and the edges having a frosted effect.